Thursday, December 15, 2011

Men, grow some balls!

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus...

That's an understatement!

Why do men always think it's better to say what we, women, are supposed to be willing to hear? They shouldn't try so hard to say things that are supposed to please us, because they always miss their target.
Women just want to hear the truth...even if it hurts, the truth is always better than lies. The truth will hurt us really bad for a moment; then we'll get over it...Lies keep us in a miserable state for longer. It's like a bandage ... If it is removed slowly, it really hurts…but pull it hard and fast, and the pain will be intense but temporary.

But men are "sweet talkers". They can't help it, it's in their genes. They always presume that the women love to be fooled with honey-coated words. Bur believe me, we don't! We are stronger than we seem, and we can take it.
So please, stop telling us that you care when you don’t. We will believe you and stick around when all you want is for us to disappear… None of us will be happy. Just grow some balls and tell us that you’ve made a mistake, you’re human after all. And if we hate you for this, why would you care, right? Hate is better than misery!

Oh and then there’re some men who just won’t say anything… They’ll just keep us hanging there, hoping for God knows what. We’ll wait, and wait, but nothing… Until we’ll begin to beg you for something, anything that will prove to us that you care… But still nothing, then we’ll plead more, and we’ll become annoying, but we’ve got to know! There, see? Nobody’s happy again!
So grow some balls and tell us you’re done with us. You don’t have to be mean and insensitive, there are ways to tell a woman you’re fed up and you’ve changed your mind. Then again, if we hate you after that, why would you care?

My point here is to let men know that they need to talk more and say what they’re actually thinking! I know that I’m fed up to wait for the truth.



  1. Truth is always better...I've learned that through my friends - because the ones that tell the truth are friends. :)

  2. The one's that don't talk are hoping they can out wait us, and we will give up and move on without them having to say anything.

  3. Sometimes, believe it or not, a Man just doesn't know what to say when he doesn't want to hurt or offend a woman he has feelings for.

    I don't know if I agree with the part that Men are born sweet talkers, that it's in our gene. The truth of the matter is that society has taught men that we have to chase after women, woe them, court them and bend over backwards to please them in order to "win" their love. In nature, the males of certain species have to fight until the death to "win" the available females.

    I'm not trying to condone lying or being deceitful, but it's not always so black and white. To be honest, telling the truth is easier when a Man does not care. Maybe, just maybe, if he's reluctant to blurt out the ugly truth - it's because he does care.

  4. Well said Jade - couldn't agree more.

  5. I believe that both genders should be honest. The truth can hurt, but lies hurt worse in the long run.

  6. I was brought up to tell the truth, and unfortunately for me sometimes believed most other people were also. But your post points out this is not always so and maybe we should be more wary. A man once said to me I like to say what you want to hear. For God's sake WHY? You write an excellent article here, come on guys, we're not so weak we can't take the truth. However harsh. We don't need wrapping in cotton wool. And we want to know your true feelings.
    Well done Jade. This is an excellent point to make.

  7. Men have fragile egos. They don't want to lay their cards out on the table. They may actually care but can't express it because they fear you hurting them. It's crazy, they want to tell you they love you, they want to hold you and keep you with them but they've been burned because in the past they've put it out there but not soon enough or with the wrong woman and they've been hurt. So they don't tell that they care and they hold out and hold out until the woman is pissed then they leave or go find someone else. It's crazy but it's the way it is.

  8. I couldnt agree with you more. Even if it hurts me, be honest with me. It is cruel not to be, cause we build up hope and when it is finally revealed to be BS, it hurts more. I dont mind being told "hey I really am not that attracted to you, or interested in getting it on with you" straight up, no BS. To have someone "act" like they are interested in me and I find out they were Bullshitting me,that makes me feel insulted and hurt. Truth trumps "not wanting to hurt me". If I am going to be "cut" do it fast, slow is torture and painful. I would never "lead" anyone on and I expect the same.

    Ok, that is my tangent.LOL This was an awesome blog.