Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday # 9

Hello everybody. Here's another Friday and another FFF. Hope you'll enjoy it. Don't forget to check the other members' story. You'll find the links at the end of this post.

“Well, I guess you’ll have to fight for it. The one who wins will spend the night with me. I think arm wrestling will be the best way.”

Kate and Paul looked at each other. They would do about anything to spend a night alone with Samuel.

“I’m in! What about you Kate? You  up to it?” Said Paul, a huge smile on his kissable lips.

“You bet! I’ll crush you. You don’t know what I’m capable of. Let’s do it.” Kate put her elbow on the table and winked at Samuel. “Prepare yourself for one hell of a night!”

Monday, December 19, 2011

Story Orgy # 12 The boys and the Dom

As the song says..."Just anothe manic Monday.." I almost didn't make it!
Ok, this is new to me. I wrote another chapter of a story... I know, weird huh? So anyway, this is the last Monday story following. I hope you'll like it.

The Boys and the Dom
Chapter 2

Luke and Dan looked at each others, not knowing if Harry was serious or not. He sure fulfilled all the fantasies the two friends had for the past six months, but would the reality match the dreams? Before they were able to say a world, Harry turned around and began to walk in the opposite direction. The boys stood frozen in place, not knowing what to do next.
Harry stopped and said without turning around. “Well? Are you coming? You are supposed to follow me everywhere unless I say otherwise. So hurry up before I think about a punishment for your disobedience.”  They didn’t hesitate and rushed behind Harry, eyes cast down, unconsciously adopting the posture of the perfect submissives.
Harry raised his eyes to discreetly look at the mirrors on the ceiling and check on the boys. He couldn’t repress a smile as he noticed the eagerness they were showing.  Without slowing the pace, he crossed the dance floor, heading to the table which was forever reserved for him. Reaching it, he sat and looked at the boys. They stood there, swinging from one foot to the other, looking adorable. Harry looked at his feet, then back to the boys, raising his eyebrows in an impatient gesture.  With an awkward laugh, they finally understood and dropped to their knees, one on each side of the armchair.
Harry motioned to the waiter who was waiting patiently to bring him a glass of his favorite drink. He leaned back and sat more comfortably, allowing himself a moment of relaxation.  His eyes scanned the room, acknowledging some of his friends, but not inviting any of them to join him.  The expression on his face made it clear he didn’t want anyone to intrude on this time with his ‘new friends’.
He reached for his drink, a very expensive whiskey that he favored, and took a sip. He felt good for the first time in ages, and he knew that the boys had a lot to do with it. When he came here tonight, he thought it would be just like every other night, another night that would leave him restless and alone.  It had been such a very long time ago since he last enjoyed himself while out in public.  Tonight, something told him these two boys were the answer to his wicked prayers.  
He’d never thought about having two subs, but it seemed natural with them.  Anyway, they didn’t look like they could be apart. Not that it bothered him; he was strong enough to handle both of them at the same time.
“Before we go any further, why don’t you tell me your names?”
They jumped at the sound of his voice and looked at each other, seeming to gather their strength through the shared gaze.
“I’m Luke, and this is Dan”
“Did the cat eat your tongue Dan? You should take the chance to say what you have to say before I forbid you to talk.”
Dan looked startled for a second before he began to relax and answered softly. “I’m Dan. I’m 23 and I don’t really know what I’m doing here….except that it feels good deep inside.” He flushed and remained silent.
Harry felt his cock harden in his pants. These boys were everything he ever asked for. He wanted to have them, but not only for tonight. He was hoping for a long run. He could see that they were a little frightened and very new to it, and he prayed that he wouldn’t scare them away. He had to play smoothly, and be patient. He could do that, no problem, even if he couldn’t wait to feel their hands and mouths on him. Yes, he should go slow and teach them exactly what he expected from them.

As usual, you'll find the link to the members of the Story Orgy below.
Don't forget to stop by and read their wonderful stories

Saturday, December 17, 2011

By the sea # 1

I don't know about you, but I miss the summer and the beach... So I tried to bring a little sunshine in my day. Did I bring it to yours too? 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Men, grow some balls!

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus...

That's an understatement!

Why do men always think it's better to say what we, women, are supposed to be willing to hear? They shouldn't try so hard to say things that are supposed to please us, because they always miss their target.
Women just want to hear the truth...even if it hurts, the truth is always better than lies. The truth will hurt us really bad for a moment; then we'll get over it...Lies keep us in a miserable state for longer. It's like a bandage ... If it is removed slowly, it really hurts…but pull it hard and fast, and the pain will be intense but temporary.

But men are "sweet talkers". They can't help it, it's in their genes. They always presume that the women love to be fooled with honey-coated words. Bur believe me, we don't! We are stronger than we seem, and we can take it.
So please, stop telling us that you care when you don’t. We will believe you and stick around when all you want is for us to disappear… None of us will be happy. Just grow some balls and tell us that you’ve made a mistake, you’re human after all. And if we hate you for this, why would you care, right? Hate is better than misery!

Oh and then there’re some men who just won’t say anything… They’ll just keep us hanging there, hoping for God knows what. We’ll wait, and wait, but nothing… Until we’ll begin to beg you for something, anything that will prove to us that you care… But still nothing, then we’ll plead more, and we’ll become annoying, but we’ve got to know! There, see? Nobody’s happy again!
So grow some balls and tell us you’re done with us. You don’t have to be mean and insensitive, there are ways to tell a woman you’re fed up and you’ve changed your mind. Then again, if we hate you after that, why would you care?

My point here is to let men know that they need to talk more and say what they’re actually thinking! I know that I’m fed up to wait for the truth.


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Monday, December 12, 2011

Story Orgy # 11 The boys and the Dom

Hello everybody, it’s Monday again. And I have some great news for you…. For once, you don’t have to wait each Monday to read the next episode of the wonderful stories my fellows Orgiasts are given you… That’s right; their Christmas Anthology will be out this Thursday, December 15:
And the Prompt is… Holiday Edition.
Don’t worry, the link will be posted as soon as I have it!!
And now, here’s a little story to go with the Christmas’ spirit, another one of my attempt to write… Hope you’ll enjoy it!

The boys and the Dom
Chapter one

It was the first time they came to that kind of club, but it was Christmas after all, and they deserved a treat. As soon as the door opened, they saw that big man with a Santa hat, only wearing a red thong and red leather around his chest and wrists. One of his nipples was pierced and the little ring gleamed in the dim light. When he looked at them, his beautiful blue eyes were gentle. Oh yes, they knew they came to the right place.
“You are not regulars… Do you know what this club is?”
They looked at each other and then back to the huge man, nodding and blushing. His voice was low and sexy as hell and sent shivers through their bodies.
“Ok, you can go inside. Enjoy your evening Gentlemen…Oh by the way, my name is Harry. If you need anything, ask for me. And in case you were wondering, I’m a top, and I’ll be happy to take care of you.” Watching them carefully, he added “It might get a little wild tonight, so be careful.”
Blushing some more, they made their entrance into the club, looking everywhere in awe.
They’ve heard about it, even read about it, but never witnessed it. It was one of their fantasies, and reality exceeded their expectations. What they were seeing just reinforced what they already had long suspected….They were bottoms and needed to find a Dom that could handle both of them. Because they always did everything together, they wanted to do this together too.
They have known each other since kindergarden. Their mothers found out then that they went to the same high school and, as they were both single mothers (one a widow and one divorced) they decided to raise their sons like brothers. They had their first girl at the same time and realised that they didn’t like it at the same time. They found out that they liked boys at the same time. And they naturally became involved in a hot relationship together. But they were too alike and something was missing; that’s why they were there, in a BDSM club, looking for someone to dominate them.
They clung to one another and made their way to the bar. Lots of men were looking at them, and they felt a little scared. Some of them looked at them with lust, and they didn’t like that at all. They wanted someone who would love them, protect them, and care for them; obviously not the kind of men who were looking at them right now. They didn’t realize how gorgeous they looked together. Dan, looking like an angel with his blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes. Luke, looking like a fallen angel with his dark hair, dark skin and green eyes. They looked stunning together and more than one man here wanted to have a taste of that pair.
They finally reached the bar and ordered a fruit juice, knowing that getting drunk in that kind of place was putting their lives at risk. They didn’t have to wait long before a man approached them. He wasn’t big, dressed in leather from head to toes, his read hair cut in a military fashion.
“What are you two young ladies doing here by yourself? Looks like you need some daddy to show you around… I would love to apply for the job.”
Luke sensed Dan tense and put a hand on his shoulder. Looking at the man who talked to them, he couldn’t help a shiver go through his spine. That man was bad news; you could see it in his eyes. Not wanting to upset a man like that, Luke lowered his eyes and talked with as much respect as he could mutter.
“We are sorry Sir, but we are not alone. Our Master told us to wait for him here, and he will be with us in a short time.”
“Oh yea?” said the man suspiciously, «I happen to know everybody here. Why don’t you tell me who this lucky guy is…”
Panic could be seen in Dan’s eyes and Luke didn’t hesitate to do anything to protect his partner.
“Harry, you know, the one at the door… That’s our Master. He’s busy for the moment and asked us to stay there until he can come to us. So we are just waiting for him…Sir.”
“Harry heh? Well, that’s one lucky bastard! He should be careful, leaving you two alone like that. There’re a lot of men who would love to have you. Why don’t I stay here just in case, you know, to protect you?”  
“Is there a problem here?”
Luke turned around and faced Harry, all powerful and strong, as he looked into the other man eyes. “Andy, what are you doing here? I thought you were at of town for the holidays.”
Relief ran through Luke’s body and he squeezed Dan’s shoulder, letting him know that everything was going to be alright.
“Ah well, I came back. I missed that place too much. Hey, don’t get it wrong, I was just looking after your subs, trying to keep them out of trouble.” Andy was obviously very nervous, his little eyes going from Harry to the boys, going back and forth frantically.
“Well, that’s nice of you, but I’m here now. I’ll take care of them. You can go… wherever you need to go.”
Andy didn’t waste any time and disappeared in a hurry, leaving Luke and Dan face to face with Harry.
“So… You are my subs it seems… Who would have known?” The boys blushed as Harry burst out laughing.

Phew… That’s a little long, isn’t it??
Well, don’t forget to read the wonderful stories the SO wrote for your pleasure. You’ll find the link below. Enjoy your Monday!

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The Crypt

Pushed and helped by my awesome Mentor Benjamin Russell, I have entered Julez S Morbius' competition and here's the result of our brainstorming... ( click on the names to see what these two fantastic men are up to)

Carly was dizzy from adrenaline.  “Are you sure that’s the one? She whispered.
“Why are you whispering? Yea, I’m sure.”
Anthony grabbed the book from his back pocket. “See? It says here, the third crypt from the right alley. Come on, we’re wasting time.” 
Carly held onto Anthony’s arm with a tight grip, feeling utterly terrified about what they were about to do. “Listen, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Dead people deserve to rest in peace. We shouldn’t be doing this, stealing something to prove how tough you are!” 
Anthony just ignored her and kept marching towards the crypt. Truthfully, he could barely hear a word she said because of his heartbeat thundering between his ears.He was excited by this new challenge, and she wouldn’t bring him down with her complaints.  He’d only brought her along to be his witness.  This is something he had to do; tonight was his rite of passage. His chance to prove to all the guys at the bar that he had more balls than all the rest of them combined.
When they arrived at the door, he took out the equipment he had brought in a little bag and began to study the lock. “Piece of cake,” he said.  It took him less than a minute to force the lock and the door opened with a grating noise that made Carly’s heart skip a beat.  
As they entered the crypt, Carly thought that she was going to die of fright. A faint pop sizzled along her nerve endings and every cell in her body screamed at her; “Run, get the fuck out of there.”
They finally reached the grave and Anthony turned around to look at her, a big smile on his lips. “Well, that wasn’t so difficult now, was it?”
Carly began to relax and even tried to smile. “Yes, you were right, it’s not….”
Her eyes widened and a cry died on her lips when Anthony’s head toppled off his shoulders and rolled on the floor.

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Story Orgy # 10

Hello everybody
Another Monday, another Story Orgy fest... There's a lot to say today about my friends having their stories published. So don't forget to go to their blog to see what it's all about!! You'll find the links below my little snippet

He looked at the window for the hundredth times and sighed. Rafe was late and he was losing his patience. It was enough that he couldn’t be here for Christmas Eve, but did he have to take his time now?
He checked the room one last time, wanted everything to be perfect on this special occasion. The Christmas tree was proudly standing near the window and he was happy with the way it looked. He spent two hour to put all the decorations on. The day before, he just stayed inside the house the whole afternoon to cook for his lover an amazing Christmas meal. But what good would it be if Rafe didn’t make it in time for lunch?
He was getting restless and toured the room one more time, straightening a frame, slightly moving a chair. This wait was unbearable….
He went back to the window and leaned against it, its coolness refreshing his body. He had to put the heat to its max, only wearing his underwear, a must if he wanted Rafe to see his gift. He hoped he would love it. It was one big step he just made, and prayed that Rafe would feel the same about him.
Dreamily, he put his hand on his back, where he had tattooed both their names in Japanese. 

Hope you liked it. Don't forget to go to my fellow Orgiasts blog if you didn't do it already.