Konrad Deire

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"I started writing more or less by accident. In truth I have always been rather good at it and both in school and later in my professional career I have published lots of books and articles. however I never even thought of writing gay erotic stories until ... one day... well you all know facebook, it's an addiction, and for us gay boys it's easy to make friends all over the world. One very horny evening, I was in my villa in Bali, I got this teen boy from California who asked me to go into life chat... we started to have virtual sex and I invented the settings the words and the whole scenery ... it was an amazing success and that teen was incredibly grateful, suggesting that I should write. The next day I got another teen from Australia, we did the same, again success and lots of compliments with the suggestion to write. I had time, I was horny, I gave it a shot and I wrote a mock up of Harry Potter's gay sex adventures in Hogwards. I published it on fb and got within a few weeks 15.000 fans and tons of feed back. the fb gestapo obviously didn't like it and I got deleted, but far from being depressed I wrote more and more, started new groups, got about 3000 new fans and started to send out my stories for free ... after 6 months a good writer friend in the US suggested I should publish on amazon... which I did and surprise: I was suddenly in business, a wonderful rewarding business."

Meet Todd a very handsome teenager who decides for the summer to take a job as a pool boy, cleaning the swimming pools in the neighborhood. His many sexy encounters not only will propel him to learn all the secrets of gay love, but he will become also a famous porn star. And last but not least find the love of his life.

Ida Bagus Gede Oka, who belongs to the Brahmin caste of Bali, returns to the island after 20 years in England. 20 years passed with his wonderful companion Lord James Carpenter. In 20 years many things have changed, but Oka's past is coming back in form of his childhood friend Mustika. The wall of their caste difference is still there, but will their love for each other unfold again

Meet Hans a horny 'sexational' teen who tours the world having the most incredible and sexy adventures. Hans is not an ordinary boy he is equipped with a body to die for and he knows how to use it. Hans has also a very generous heart and whoever crosses his path benefits greatly from his diabolic generosity!           

Kevin after a break up with his boyfriend ventures to India and finishes in a gay ashram, a place where free sex and spiritual growth go hand in hand The story depicts plenty of group sex actions and incredibly also much real love

this is a story of a young divorced Dad who is being raped by his own son during the summer holidays and how this son transforms his dad's life into living hell.  Probably Konrad Deire's most controversial works, this story has won the praise of many critics and it is only a question of time that we will see it on the big screen.          

this is an incredible love story between Alberto ho falls madly in love with a Thai masseur of a gay spa and decides after some adventures to take him back home to Italy. It is a story full of love, sex and passion on the backdrop of underground Bangkok and Milan's incredible stage.           

A beautiful coming-of-age love story of young Harold, who upon moving to New York spots an angel-like boy just opposite his bedroom window. it is a story on how to achieve even your most daring dreams, it is a story about secret passion and about stunning talents. A story which you will love.           

Paul, who works now as a manager in a sex club, meets an old buddy from school and his wife. He can't resist and follows Steven into the dark room, doing what he dreamed of so many times during High School. The magic connection between the two ex-best friends is restored and old wounds are healed

High school prom night, the unexpected epic love story of two boys and a happy ending Exerpt: "Suddenly I saw Brian, crossing the wrong side, coming up straight to my side. Brian stopped in front of me, bowed and very politely asked: “May I have this dance, Jason?” ... tatata ta tam ta tam ta tam, we were gliding over the dance floor"

Konrad's most beautiful & sexy story about two young students, who over time create the perfect life and love of two souls. It is a wonderful coming of age tale of two students in Italy.