Friday, September 30, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday # 2

I'm back with 100 words for a pic. Not advertising this time. This is for me...

I tremble in anticipation. You promised not to do anything that might displease me and I agreed that you blindfold me. All my senses are awakened. I can smell the fragrance of your skin that tickles my nostrils. My fingers fumble on your waist to find the button your pants. Your breathing is altered when my fingers finally found the button so desired. I feel your breath on my face as you lean towards me and grab my hair, forcing my head back to give me a burning kiss. Your tongue finds mine and we begin that beautiful erotic ballet…

Monday, September 26, 2011

Story Orgy # 1

No, I didn't lose my mind! Even if it looks like it.... I know I'm supposed to be the Story Orgy "photographer" and I still am. I just love to write snippets and my yang convinced me that I could do it for the SO. This is only something that makes me happy and I hope it will make you happy too. I'm only using the pic, not the prompt, as I'm not writing a story. Thank you for stopping by...

My Harley needed some fixing…That’s how I met him. It was “lust” at first sight. One look at his gorgeous body and I wanted to run my hands all over it. His name was Jean-Marc, a French man who was cruising the States and taking jobs along the way to pay his journey.  There were no sentiments, just a quickie in the garage’s bathroom. He was the Dom type, and I gladly let him possess me. When it was over, he looked at me, smiled and got back to his job. As I walked out the bathroom, he didn’t give me a glance. But I’ll never forget him…

You can find here the links to the real writers of the Story Orgy

Friday, September 23, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday # 1

Ok, don't laugh!! I've try something new. I'm no writer, so please be indulgent. I thought it was funny to do something writers seem enjoying doing. I'm not comparing to them, I just had a lot of fun trying to write 100 words for this pic. Hope you'll like it

You growl at me. I can tell you’re not happy with me at all. Well, that’s too bad, because I’m planning to have you here for some times. You thought I was weak, defenseless, and too much in love with you to take my revenge. All wrong Mister. I’m going to make you pay for your careless behavior. I’m going to lick your body from head to toes and watch you squirm. I’ll take you in my mouth and hear you moan. And I’ll enjoy it! Oh, did I forget to tell you that you’ll be wearing a cock ring?
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

How stupid can I be???

I used to have friends on FB that counted very much for me. I'm using the past tense because it's not true anymore. So I started wondering why...and I've come to the conclusion that people get tired very fast on FB. I'm old news, no mystery anymore. And another conclusion is obvious...they were not worth my love.
My big flaw is to always get involved emotionally. I can't do otherwise. This is the way I am. So I wonder if I'm cut out for this game on the net...
I know, deep down inside me, that everybody's fake there. They say they love you, they even tell you that they are not playing with you, that they are sincere... If you doubt them in the beginning, they just keep telling you that you are special, that what their feeling is true...until you surrender and believe them. Oh, you're happy for a while... They are very nice to you, talk to you all the time....then they talk less...busy they say...internet's not working properly they say...didn't want to bother you with my problems they say... and in the end, they don't talk to you anymore...
So you think it's over, cry a lot, being depressed, not funny at all for your other "friends"... Finally, you think you're beginning to get over begin to breathe more freely and stop crying every two seconds...everything will be ok, you think! I can do it, I'm strong, they can go to hell...
And then...they pick that moment to "poke" you, or send you a little message, wanting you to know that they didn't give up on you, oh no, God forbid, you're such a naive idiot, they might need you again to flatter their ego... So they keep coming, less and less, but still coming. Enough for you to feel depressed all over again, spending your night crying...
You'll think I deserve what I got, and you'll be right! I'm a grown up woman, I should know what life is about! Pfff, I learned nothing and still suffer over lost "friends". WAKE UP SILLY WOMAN, THEY ARE NOT FRIENDS!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Facebook or not Facebook?

I first came to Facebook because I wanted to find an American friend I had no news from. I added my family, and my friends. Then I noticed that some of my favorite writers were there too. I felt like a little kid in a candy store when I sent them request and they accepted it. That was fun for awhile, but something was missing…

I decided then to have another account, where I could really be myself and share with people who had the same interest than me: MEN.

God, what a year it’s been! I met wonderful people and some of them became real friends to me. I had a ball!

Today, I’m not having so much fun anymore. People are not talking as much to me as they used to and I frequently find myself staring at this damn screen, waiting for some fun. And that makes me wonder if I still want to be part of this world. Do I really want to be that dependant?

My biggest flaw is to be too much involved in this virtual friendship. I just can’t make a difference between real life friends and FB friends. Sadly, not everybody feel the same, and I find myself too implicated when my “friends” are not. Where I found happiness before, now there’s only sorrow and sometimes anger. Anger because I feel left out, and I don’t know how to deal with that. I am too demanding and people are getting tired of it (which I understand, but I can’t help myself).

So there’s the question…Do I want to stay there and continue to hurt myself?