Friday, November 25, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday # 6

Here we are again, another Friday, another FFF....Hope you'll enjoy it!

Henry sat in his director’s chair with contempt; his gay version of “Romeo and Juliet” was a big hit (in spite of the mediocrity of the actors) and he was now rehearsing the French Revolution, especially Marat murder, still from a gay point of view.
He looked at the actors who seemed to be little more professionals than the ones in the other play. He chose them carefully this time. They weren’t just pretty faces (and perfect bodies), but they could actually act! Miracles happen!
He sat more comfortably in his chair and said in a strong voice: “Aaaand Action”

For those of you who don't know who Jean Paul Marat, click on his name and you'll find out about him (yes I know, french history is very complicated!!);
And here is a famous painting representing Marat murder

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cheers # 1

Happy Hump Day everybody... Maybe we could celebrate it with a drink...and a hottie to go with it..
So Cheers!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Story Orgy # 9

It's Monday again! YEAH! Time for the Story Orgy... But before that, let me remind you that the final part of the Story Orgy interview is this Friday, at JR Boyd's Place. Don't miss it!!
Now, let's go back to this Monday... I made a HUGE effort today and add the prompt in my snippet! I'm so proud of myself :)
So the prompt for today is: "I get it both ways", and was provided by our Goddess Em... I hope you'll like what I came up with. Don't forget to check the real stories of my fellow Orgiasts... You'll find the link to their blogs at the end of my snippet...Enjoy!

“Oh please, don’t look at me like that! You know what you did was wrong! You ask me to trust you but you don’t trust me enough to tell me about losing your job!”

Chris pulled at his T-shirt in an embarrassed gesture.  

“You’ve got to understand Anthon; I pride myself about paying my share of the rent. If you knew I was out of work, you wouldn’t have let me pay it. And I need to participate; I don’t want to be a burden for you!”

Anthon ran his hand nervously through his hair, a sign that he wasn’t happy at all.

“How can you say that? You’ll never be a burden to me! I love you! Doesn’t that count for something?”

Chris didn’t dare answering as Anthon paced the room, fury gleaming in his eyes. He knew better than to talk to him when he was in this state of mind. Anthon suddenly stopped and turned around, a smile spreading on his sensual lips.

“I know! I found the perfect solution! We can fire the housekeeper - she doesn’t really need that job anyway, she’s doing it to help us - and you can take care of the place”

Chris opened his mouth to protest, but Anthon didn’t let him.

“Hear me out, please…”

Chris nodded and kept quiet.

“You love to cook, right? And cleaning the house never frightened you. I have a feeling you even like it a lot. So, if you do Mrs. Jenkins’ work, we won’t have to pay her. And the money we’ll save will be your share of the rent. Like this, I get it both ways! I’ll come home every day to find my love cooking for me, and you’ll be happier than before, doing a job you didn’t like. And we both know how loving you are when you’re happy! “ Anthon wiggled his eyebrows in a funny way. “ So, what do you think?”

First too stunned to speak, Chris finally looked at his lover with love in his eyes.

“I think that’s a great idea, and if you follow me in the bedroom, I will show you how much I like that idea…”

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday # 7

This is this time of the week again... The Flash Fiction Friday time. And boy, do I love it. So here are my 100 words for a great picture, chosen by the talented Lee Brazil:

“No no no! You’re supposed to be sad, tortured, torn! Not joyful!”
Henry looked at the two young actors in disbelief. Sure, they were very cute, but they had no sense of tragedy. He sighed heavily and tried to talk with all the patience he could muster.
“You have to understand, we’re playing a gay version of Romeo and Juliet. We want to show the world we are not different from hetero people, we have feelings, we love as deeply as anybody… So please, let’s do it again, with more feelings this time. You think you can you do that?”

Hope you enjoyed it. As usual don't forget to read all the other stories from the FFF group. Just click on the list of names below. Have a great Friday :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Story Orgy # 8

Happy Monday everybody!
You know what I've heard? The Story Orgy made a donation of $250 to TheTrevor Project,  the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. This donation represents the profits from the first three months of sales of their very first anthology And the Prompt Is... Now that's good news, isn't it??
Also, don't forget to stop by Hank Edwards blog newt Friday, for the Story Orgy will be there to chit chat about a few of their favorite things....
And now, let's take a look at my little snippet .....

Noah woke up suddenly, sensing something was missing. Or rather someone. Where did Micah go? The sheets were already cold, so he must have been gone for a while now. Damn, he knew that Micah was too good to be true. He went to the bathroom, took a shower to help him wake up and dressed in a daze. He stopped in front of the mirror, looking carefully at his reflection. He needed to shave but he was too disturbed to try it, his hands were not stable enough.  
"Maybe it’s for the best. I am not ready for this. It was great, but now I have to go back to the real life and get a grip! Time to go back to work!"
Even in his ears, that sounded so wrong! He just met Micah, but thought that they were going to stay together for some time.

Don't forget to follow the links to read the fabulous stories of the mambers of my wonderful SO family!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday # 6

Welcome to another Flash Fiction Friday! If you don't know what FFF is (and that's a shame) here is the definition: Find a hundred words, no more, no less, to illustrate a pic chosen by one of the member of the FFF group (and today pic was chosen by my yang Havan Fellows). So don't forget to stop by my fellows FFF writers and read their story. Here's the link: Flash Fiction Friday Group. Or you'll find the list of the writers participating this week at the end of this post.
And now, for your enjoyment (well, a woman can hope right?)

« I told you we will come to that, but you wouldn’t listen to me… Now you have to pay for your disobedience!”
Jason felt a shiver running down his spine as Malcolm's arms encircled him. He was so waiting for his punishment. He knew Malcolm would be upset by his actions, and he did it on purpose. Malcolm was reluctant to dominate him and Jason found out that acting like a stubborn child always brought back the Dom out of his partner.
He leaned against Malcolm, relaxed, a smile playing on his lips.
“I’m ready for my punishment, Master”

Monday, November 7, 2011

Story Orgy # 7

Hello everybody, it's Monday again!
I have good news for you: Lee Brazil's last book "Loving Jacob" is out, and you can find it at Breathless Press.
Also, don't forget to stop by Lee's blog Friday to read more about the Story Orgy Authors ( I heard it's about sex this week...)
And now, my little contribution for today Prompt

Sebastian licked Marlon’s chest, a wicked grin on his face.

“Are you comfortable baby?”

Marlon took a deep shivering breath and nodded, unable to say a word.

Sebastian went down Marlon’s body, aiming for that beautiful cock that teased him for days now. Marlon played hard to get for a week, when they both knew it was a matter of time before he would let Sebastian have his way. Now, Sebastian was savoring his sweet revenge. He licked his lips, anticipating Marlon’s flavor. He inhaled deeply and plunged head first for his reward.

Marlon gasped as Sebastian’s tongue licked the length of his cock. He denied them this pleasure for so long, and for what? He should have given himself up to Sebastian days ago. It felt so good, so right…

Sebastian’s mouth came around his cock, his lips holding him tight, the pressure becoming insurmountable. He wouldn’t last long; he could already feel the orgasm building. He wanted this first time to be special and was ashamed to see that he was so weak when it came to Sebastian… He was about to warn him that his release was imminent, when Sebastian stopped suddenly and stood up. Marlon sent a confused look at Sebastian, wondering what he did wrong.

Sebastian smiled and walk to the kitchen without a word. He came back a minute later, holding an apple in his hand. He looked at Marlon, loving the desperate longing in his lover eyes. Oh yes, the revenge was sweet. Marlon deserved to wait for his reward… Not too long, of course, himself wanting to get back to his task as soon as possible.

“Sorry baby, I felt hungry suddenly…”

Sebastian locked his eyes with Marlon as he bit the apple, feeling like Eve tempting Adam…

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